Curriculum vitae of Walter Sierau

17/09/1901 Walter Hermann Theodor Sierau    
  born in Altona, Steinstreet 86    
27/10/1922 Marriage between Frieda Helene Hagen   
  and Walter Sierau in Altona    
17/08/1924 Birth of Walter Johann Hinrich Sierau  
22/11/1925 Birth of Maria Helene Meta Sierau    
07/11/1935 Birth of Käthe Elli Berta Seirau    
14/02/1937 Divorce between Frieda Helene and Walter Sierau
1939 Marriage between Martha Hagen and    
  Walter Sierau but it is rejected by the GESTAPO  
  because of jewish kinship  
25/02/1939 Birth of Karl-Heinz Andreas Sierau    
  child of Martha Hagen and Walter Sierau  
1943 He suffered an outbreak of TBC   
25/11/1943 Darfted to the military service      
29/11/1943 Used as a soldier East Prussia  
  Corporal, Troops: Security Battalion 667  
  according to Wast: Companie country protect substitute  
  and training battalion 10 Location Lüneburg  
  EKM: 8386 - ST. Kp.L.S.E.u.A.B.10    
  (company teaching company  
  teaching and replacement training  
12/43 - 01/44 1. Training-Company-Country-Protectors-Replacement-
  and-training-battalion 10, Location Lüneburg
Januar 1944 1. March-Companie-country-protect-substitute-
  and-battalion 10, location Lüneburg
08/02/1944 3. Company Fuse Battalion 697
  This unit was built on 21/.01/1944 in the
  gouvernement in the area of Tilsit
  Field post no. 37 177 D    
08/01/1945 last letter from East Prussia   
  Entered list of missing persons at the DRK
  Search service München Band FF page 457  
14/01/1946 declared him dead    
  Az.: 11a II 357/50 T of  21.01.1951 District Court Altona
  File is located at the State Archives 424-11.5403  
25/08/1949 Subsequent recognition of marriage with Martha Hagen
  born Kallohn and Walter Sierau