History from Minna Aschberg

She was a sister from Martha Emma Sierau, geschiedene Hagen, geborene Kallohn.

Minna Aschberg for her apartment at the Siemensstraße (today Planckstrasse).

18. April 1899

Auguste Minna Louise Aschberg was born at Altona

5. December 1916

The first child Rudolf (Rudi) Paul Aschberg

28. July 1917

She married Gustav Heinrich Aschberg. He was born 11. April 1896


Minna Aschberg work as a worker. Gustav Aschberg returned from a military. He worked as a stone setter.

24. July 1921

The second child Karl August Heinrich Aschberg


They lived in the Siemensstraße 7. Heinz Räcker later lived in the Siemensstrasse 7,

23. June 1923

The marriage between Minna Aschberg and Gustav Aschberg was divorced.


As a child, Karl Aschberg fell from the hayloft while playing and suffered a frcture form the basis of his skull, which left in the hospital for 9 months.


Minna Aschberg and Gustav Aschberg still saw each other regularly to discuss the further situation with the children. These encounters often led to arguments.

23. June 1932

Minna Aschberg lived as a subtenant with Heinz Räcker at Siemensstrasse 7. (today Planckstrasse)

28. January 1933

Minna Aschberg lived with her parents at Siemensstrasse 16 1st floor.

3. June 1933

Minna Aschberg lived as a subtenant with Erna Martha Luise Osbahr at Fischmarkt 10.


Karl Aschberg committed several burglaries at Ms. Schiffmann’s house. Ms Schiffmann lived at Hohe Schulstrasse 21.

1934 / 1935

Rudolf (Rudi) Aschberg and Karl Aschberg moved to their father Gustav Aschberg in the basement Hohe Schulstrasse 21.


Minna Aschberg worked as a cleaning lady at the reemtsma cigarette factory in Bahrenfeld.

29. January 1935

Minna Aschberg lived as a subtenant with Anna Maria Schenk at Arnoldstrasse 4.

June – September 1935

Karl Aschberg lived with his grandparents Rosa Kallohn and Paul Emil Kallohn at Siemensstrasse 16 1st floor.

From September 12st 1935

Karl Aschberg was cared for the Schmidt children‘s home in Baltic Sea. The stay was arranged by the Reemtsma factory in Bahrenfeld.

10. October 1935

The court ordered the temporary placement of Karl Aschberg Schleswig children’s home. He had previously stolen a bicycle.

24. October 1935

Minna Aschberg lived as a subtenant with Heinz Räcker at Siemensstrasse 7. She moved out spontaneously, perhaps due to an argument.

31. October 1935

Karl Aschberg run away from the Schleswig childrens’s home.

28. January 1936

Minna Aschberg and Gustav Aschberg were deprived of Karl’s welfare education. Karl Aschberg was sent to the reformatory in Selent.

18. February 1936

Minna Aschberg and her son Karl Aschberg lived as a subtenant with Heinrich Ferdinand Pingel at Friedensallee 64 1st floor. The house Friedensallee 64 was demolished after the war. It was only intended for a few rental units.

25. March 1936

Her landlord Heinrich Ferdinand Pingel died.

4. April 1936

The bank official August Hermann Arthur Pingel, was found dead. He was born 1889. Was he Minna Aschberg’s lover?

Eastern 1936

Karl Aschberg’s konfirmation was in children’s home in Selent.

Spring 1936

Karl Aschberg worked on a farm.

29. August 1936

Minna Aschberg committed in her kitchen at Friedensallee 64 1st floor. The reason was an unhappy love affair with a Nazi, according with Martha Sierau

31. August 1936

Burial in the Altona cemetery Stadionstrasse 5, grave: department 19 od Department 24.XXVII.02.

26. August 1937

Eduard Christian Heinrich Sachau died on the way tot he port hospital. The unexplained deaths and suicides went tot he port hospital. Was hi Minna Aschberg’s Lover?

26. August 1963

Gustav Heinrich Aschberg was died, burial in Altona cemetery, grave: 36.VI.3.92