Date of Jewish History

30/12/1918   Foundation of the KPD          
            1921   Foundation of the "Red Help"          
26/10/1929   Global economic crisis        
17/07/1932   Altona's blood sunday with 17 deaths        
30/01/1933   Appointment of Hitler as rich chanacellor      
27/02/1933   Reichstag fire          
02/03/1933   The "Red Help" was forbidden        
20/03/1933   Construction of the 1. concentration camp      
24/03/1933   Enabling act          
01/04/1933   First action against jews          
02/05/1933   Breakdown of trade unions          
10/05/1933   Book burning          
15/09/1935   Nuernberg laws are passed  "blood laws"      
09/11/1938   The crysta night /  rich prognome night      
10/12/1938   The first children's transport to UK      
30/01/1939   Hitler publicly hreatens to destroy Jewish race    
Sept.    1939   Euthanasia actions            
01/09/1941   From the age of 6 every  Jew must  carry the Star of David    
16/10/1941   Beginning of the deportations of Jews into concentration camps    
23/10/1941   Emigration prohibition  for Jews          
20/01/1942   Wannsee conference on the "Final solution of the Jewish Question"    
20/03/1942   The Gas chambers are put into operation in Auschwitz    
17/12/1942   Declaration by the Allies against German Politics and the 
    extinction of the Jewish race          
19/04/1943   Uprising in the Warsaw Ghetto          
15/01/1945   The priveleged Jews are no longer protected from now on    
15/02/1945   Date for the privileged Jews who have been privileged until now, 
    who are now at the collection points          
März / April 1945   Last deportation trains go to concentration camps    
03/04/1945   Hitler's End          
08/05/1945   Germany capitulated          
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