Curriculum vitae Jonny Hagen

12/07/1902 Born in Altona, Kleine Schmiedestreet 23a      
  School in Altona, then worked as a street    
  hawker together with his father      
1922 Joined the KPD "Red Help"         
27/05/1922 Martha Emma Kallohn and Karl Jonny Hagen      
  Tabita church at the Hohenzollernring in Altona      
28/10/1922 Birth of Thea Metta Hagen        
1926 - 1928 Teaching as a bricklayer at the company Wartenberg    
1929 - 1932 Joined the KPD as an underteller      
24/06/1929 Birth of Elfriede Paula Johanna Hagen    
1930 He took over various functions as a bricklayer for the     
  firm of Wartenberg in the construction industry    
1931 Gauleiter of the locality Altona and       
  live condutor for the KPD        
1931 -1934 Unemployed            
1934 Relocation of the Hagen family from Kleine Carlstreet 15  
  into Steintwiete 25 I      
1934 Relocation of his parents Johann Hinrich and Metta Hagen  
  from the Herbertstreet 25 into Deichstreet 32 II  
1934 Worked for the company BAU STEINE ERDEN as a bricklayer
11/07/1935 Arrest by the GESTAPO in the Steintwiete 25 I in Hamburg  
  as a leading functionary in the Unity Assciation for the    
  Constrution industry Az.: 0/Js 172/1936 Rubrum Heldt    
10/1935 - 12/1935 Fuhlsbüttel Attn. 241-1XVIBh7 Vol.1     
  He was imprisoned in KOLAFU for longer.      
  Unfortunately the evidence are missing.      
05/1936 - 07/1940 Sentenced to 5 years in the      
  Emsland Camps as swamp soldier.      
08/1936 - 09/1938 Warehause Börgermoor Rep. 47 Lin I Nr. 439      
  Prisoners no.  651 / 1936        
09/1938 - 07/1940 Camp Brual-Rhede          
16/02/1939 Divorce between Karl Jonny and Martha Emma Hagen    
02/10/1941 Josef Wieczorek is arrested and returned to KOLAFU    
Until 26/06/1942 Worked for the company BAU STEINE ERDEN as a bricklayer
23/01/1943 Acquisition of military service No. Hamburg IV 02/4/3/15/5  
07/02/1943 Jonny Hagen went down to the Heuberg for       
  military training      
25/02/1943 Position on the military training place      
  Heuberg in the military district V Stuttgart      
10/06/1943 Dissolution of the regimental fedration and the battalion I    
  on the 1st December to the III fortress infantry battalion 999  
  Location: training area Baumholder in the military district XII  
  Wiesbaden, subordination of the army group to the Peleponnes  
  Camp XVIII Army Corps Company III Fortress Battalion 999  
  Feldpostno. 37607 B        
09/04/1943 Contactors Identification mark  41-2./Afr. Protection Regiment 863
05/09/1944 Last letter from Jonny Hagen to his children Thea and Elfriede  
until 21/09/1944 Withdrawal of the troops from the Peleponnese and establishment   
  in Bosnia            
1944 Hospital stay / Report of company leader Schwalk  
08/05/1945 Death Declaration Berlin         
  Decision  02/06/1949        
  Az.: 54 II 434 / 1949          


His graduation class around 1916
Jonny sits in the front
Jonny sits in the front
Jonny sits in front
the 2nd from the left